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The Hoffman Construction Team would like to thank Washington State University and the Athletic Department for the opportunity to build the new Football Operations Building at Martin Stadium. WSU Capital Planning department, as well as the entire Student Body has entrusted Hoffman and our subcontractors to safely deliver a world-class football center that will be the envy of the PAC 12. In the spirit of cooperation, we need to share some basic information to those who will travel near the project boundaries.

  • The project overview will require the Hollingbery Fieldhouse Annex building to be completely removed. Several underground utilities must be installed at the old building site which will tie into Colorado Street and connect to the new Football Operations Building (FOB). The FOB will require the removal of the existing scoreboard, the west end zone are, and partial removal of Rodgers Field iron fencing. The west side of the FOB will align with Rodgers Field fence line, the eastside will daylight out onto Martin Field. The existing player tunnel will be removed and replaced as well as the two exterior stairways at the south end of Bohler Gym. The score board will be relocated to the eastside of Martin Stadium to make way for the new building.
  • Project access is limited to only those workers who have gone through a full safety orientation. No access will be allowed inside the fence to ANY students or staff without an escort.
  • Hoffman Construction has a field office located on the 3rd floor of Smith Gym. All site visitors and new workers must report to the Hoffman office first.
  • The first phase of fencing will be installed around the Annex Building. This will block ALL through traffic between Bohler Gym and the Annex building for pedestrians. Pedestrians shall follow an alternative path around to the west side of Bohler Gym to gain access to the Rodgers Field level to the CUB elevator tower.
  • The second phase of fencing will surround the new FOB project boundaries around a portion of Rodgers Field and Martin Stadium’s west endzone. This will block off access between the existing scoreboard and Rodgers Field as well as through access at the North concourse level of Martin Stadium.
  • A site map for the new walking paths and ADA access are available on the WSU-Capital Planning website.
  • Throughout construction, Hoffman asks that staff and students only use the sidewalks and pathways indicated on the site map. Trying to cut through the construction work zone is very dangerous to you as well as the construction workers who will not expect any unauthorized personnel within the fenced area.
  • In order to maintain the project schedule, some extended work hours will be needed. If anyone witnesses people working past 5:30pm, please do not be alarmed. This is expected, however, these people will be in full construction gear: hardhat, reflective vest, long pants, boots, safety glass and gloves. Anyone not fitting this description shall be reported to Hoffman Construction immediately.
  • Hoffman will have construction vehicles entering the site from Colorado Street. Occasionally, trucks will be staged along the NE corner of Mooberry Track along Flag Lane. If you walk along Colorado and/or through Flag Lane, please be extremely careful. Act as if the driver does not see you. Make eye contact with the driver and wait for them to acknowledge your presence BEFORE walking in front of these vehicles.
  • From time to time Hoffman will need to broaden the project boundaries for short periods of time. One example would be for the mobilization of large cranes to install and remove the tower crane. During these times, please observe and respect the signage and barriers that are in place. In cases of pedestrian or vehicle impacts, spotters or flaggers will be placed in the road to help assist with traffic control and pedestrian access. These spotters are trained and certified to perform this work and are there for your safety. Please listen to and follow their instructions.
  • Lastly, Hoffman would ask for everyone’s assistance with jobsite security. You are all extra sets of eyes to help prevent theft and vandalism to the new facility. If you see any theft or vandalism, please report it immediately. Hoffman is a member of the Construction Industry Crime Prevention Association (CICP). They offer a reward of up to $1000 dollars if your report results in a capture or conviction. Their 24 hour Hotline is 1-800-328-3921.

We encourage all to bookmark this page for continued updates for the new Football Operations Building. This page will help keep students, faculty and staff informed of construction activities that may affect your daily activities.

Thank you for your patience and assistance!

Kelly Rowland – Superintendent
Hoffman Construction Company
Capital Planning and Development, PO Box 643611, 110 Commons Building, Pullman WA 99164-3611, 509-335-5571,