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WSU Physical Street Addressing Project

Increased emergency response and improved safety measures required WSU facilities be addressed. The following
physical street addresses were created for and are primarily used by emergency response providers such as
WHITCOM 911, Police, Fire and other safety personnel. The physical street address signs posted on buildings give
emergency responders final confirmation that they have arrived at the correct location. These physical street
addresses are not mailing addresses and are not to be used for personal mailing or parcel delivery purposes. WSU
Mailing Services will not use the physical street addresses for mail services and will continue to use existing WSU
mailstop code address (P.O. Box 64xxxx) to deliver WSU and US Postal Service mail to university administrative,
research, classroom, library and support facilities in the same manner as they have historically. Your official WSU
mailstop code address remains unchanged and you should not alter that code on any printed or published materials
based upon these new physical street addresses.
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If you have any questions or concerns please contact Charles Hemphill or Craig Boersema
Capital Planning and Development, PO Box 643611, 110 Commons Building, Pullman WA 99164-3611, 509-335-5571,